Lip Enhancement

Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

20 minutes


Mild Discomfort (with the use of numbing cream)


1ml £325

Results Last

Approx. 6 months

0% Interest Free Finance Pay monthly over 3, 6, 10 & 12 months

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Lip enhancement is a fantastic non-surgical solution to combat common issues including lip thinning, narrowing or less-defined lips as well as correcting the proportion and symmetry of the lips.

Dermal lip fillers are substances injected into or just under the skin and lips to restore volume and contours to the face. Fillers mainly consist of hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally in the body, and forms part of the matrix supporting the function of our skin and joints. 

It can also be considered our skin’s internal moisturizer, absorbing a lot of water and hence being responsible for our skin’s hydration.

Your treatment will start with a consultation so we can fully understand the results you are trying to achieve so we can create your bespoke treatment plan. We then apply numbing cream to ensure the treatment is a comfortable and pain free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment is carried out by using a needle to inject the filler into certain areas of the lips, providing well suited results according to the patient's requirements.
We start with a consultation to assess your face and lips and understand what you wish to achieve. We always give our professional advice and tell you how much filler you may need to achieve your look before starting your treatment. Throughout the treatment, we want you to be as involved as possible.
Slight tenderness, redness and swelling are to be expected right after the treatment, and sometimes mild bruising. However, our aesthetician will talk you through everything during the consultation on the day.
First time lip fillers: 1ml lip filler is usually the right amount of dermal filler for your lips, we recommend building up over time as this always gives the best results. We will always give our professional advice during your consultation to achieve your look.

As dentists, we are ideally placed to perform this type of treatment. We have undergone several years of training, and we are extremely familiar with both administering injections, and the anatomy of the face.

Lip Filler