Private Fees

All prices are an estimate and the final quotation may vary depending on each individual case.

Diagnosis Price
Initial examination, including all small x-rays. 50.00
Initial examination, including all small x-rays with Dr Jabbar 75.00
Regular examination (within 2 years) 65.00
Periodontal (gum disease) consultation 50.00
Emergency examination 65.00
Occlusal analysis 195.00
X-ray Panoraleach35.00
Study modelseach45.00
Wax-up/Trial Smileper unit35.00
Children Dentistry  
Child Exam(up to 13 years old)45.00
Baby tooth extraction 75.00

Baby Tooth filling

Composite fees same as adults

GIC – small

GIC – large



Smile Makeover Consultation 95.00
Smile Makeover Consultation with Dr Jabbar 125.00
Teeth Whitening – Silver – Home Kit 295.00
Teeth Whitening – Gold – Laser whitening + Home kit 475.00
Teeth Whitening – Platinum – ‘Enlighten’ 595.00
Additional whitening gel

x5 syringes




Airflow 95.00

Teeth Straightening

(Packages include removable Essex retainers)

INVISALIGNBoth arches3959.00 – 4250.00
 Single Arch2250.00 – 2750.00
Fixed RetainerPer arch295.00
Removable Essex RetainerPer arch225.00
Vivera Retainers (x3)

Single arch

Dual arch



Composite Edge BondingPer tooth225.00
Composite VeneerPer tooth375.00
Composite Veneers – 4 Teeth £1500
Composite Veneers – 6 Teeth £2150
Composite Veneers – 8 Teeth £2750
Composite Veneers – 10 Teeth £3250
25% discount for Composite Bonding and Tooth Whitening following tooth alignment.  
Polishing CompositePer tooth15.00
Preventative Care  
Scale & polish by Hygienist 65.00
Hygiene & Stain Removal (with Hygienist)45min session145.00
Periodontal treatment by Hygienistper quadrant95.00
Scale and polish by Dentist 95.00
Hygiene & Stain Removal (with Dentist) 165.00
Periodontal Treatment by Dentistper quadrant165.00
Fluoride Application 25.00
Fissure Sealingper tooth95.00
Sports Mouth Guard/Soft Night Guardeach195.00
Michigan splint (hard splint) 525.00
Temporary fillingeach65.00
Amalgam (silver)small105.00
Amalgam (silver)medium155.00
Amalgam (silver)large205.00
Composite (white)small135.00
Composite (white)medium185.00
Composite (white)large245.00
Glass ionomersmall105.00
Glass ionomerlarge175.00
Advanced restorations including laboratory fee  
Ceramic Crown/onlay (emax)each825.00
Gold/Platinum Crown/onlayeach745.00
Porcelain Crown (with metal)each745.00
Re-Cement crownPer unit105.00
Lab made post/coreeach165.00
Surgery-made post/coreeach205.00
Gold inlayeach425.00
Temporary fibre bridge –‘Ribbond’per unit145.00
 Metal – Ceramic Bridgeper unit695.00
Ceramic bridgeper unit795.00
Resin bonded bridge (Maryland) with metal wingsper unit495.00
Resin bonded bridge (Maryland) with tooth-coloured wingsper unit595.00
Dental Implants  
Consultation (Redeemable against treatment fees) 95.00
Implant + Crown (screw retained)Per unit2500.00
 Additional unit2000.00
Sinus Lift 1295.00
Bone Graft 425.00
Root fillings (including x-rays)  
Premolar upper/lowereach455.00
Molar 595.00
Pulp Extirpation 175.00
Simple Extraction 155.00
Complex/Root division/Surgical 275.00
Treatment of Infected SocketPer socket45.00
Suture RemovalPer tooth35.00
Prosthetics (including laboratory fees)  
Full set acrylic dentures (upper & lower) 1995.00
Full Upper or Full Lower Acrylic Dentureseach1195.00
Partial Acrylic Denture 975.00
Partial Cobalt-Chromium (metal)per arch1395.00
Flexi Dentureper arch995.00
Tooth addition/repair to existing denture (5-working days)Per  105.00
Express tooth addition/repair to existing denture (within 24-48 hours) 175.00
Denture re-linePer arch175.00
Immediate dentureup to 8 teeth390.00
Immediate denture8+ teeth420.00
Intravenous Sedation  
First hour 295.00
Subsequent hours 245.00
Signing passport applicationsPer application45.00
Other – letters etcfrom45.00
For any item not listed, please contact us to enquire.